Flight Instructor

Flight instructor rating is also another course available in Sha- Shib flying academy. A flight instructor is a person who helps in flying an aircraft. Minimum age requirement is 20 years of age and above. Qualifications require valid AFIR/ CPL/RTR and FRTOL. Flying requirements are of a minimum of 300 hours as instructional flying and 30 hours of Pattern flying instructor.

Requirments Detail
Age 20 yrs of age & above
Qualification Valid CPL, AFIR, IR
Medical Valid Class I
Written & Oral Exams
  • Mechanics of Flight
  • Methods of Techniques of flying instruction
  • Flight Instrument
Flying Requirements
  • Min. 300 hrs instructional flying with 20 hrs by night (20 t/o & 20 landing)
  • 20 hrs of patter Flying
Requirements at the time of application/issue Skill test by day & night
Duration 25 working days
Validity of License 12 months
  • 20 hrs of flight time
  • Competency check (within 12 months)
  • Refresher course Cert.
Security Clearence NIL
License CPL

Flight Instructor

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More About
Flight Instructor Rating

PPL and CPL holders are upgraded to Flight Instructors. Flight instructor profession has two benefits- one can become pilot of an aircraft whereas can also become a teacher. Flight Instructors has two variants- flight instructor rating and simulator instructor rating. Flight Instructors approve someone to fly an aircraft while receiving flight training or pilot license.

They conduct training for general pilot competency. They also conduct flight reviews. At Sha-Shib Flying Academy, we prepare hard working instructors for goodness of Aviation Industry.

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