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Total Passenger traffic at Sha-Shib Flying Academy was 106.45 million in FY 2016 (till Oct), it witnessed 12.47% growth from 2015. India’s Civil Aviation Industry aims to become 3rd largest in the world by 2020 and the largest by 2030. 30% of trade is attained through airways which are aiming to increase even more with the projected 5 times increase in freight traffic in the next decade.

With this growth trajectory, there stands the undeniable and genuine demand of the professionals who are firmly grounded in technical and behavioral knowledge and are industrious enough to achieve their goal, which is where Sha-Shib Flying Academy enters.

Our Mission

To attract great talents to aviation and make it easy for them to embrace it as a fetching career opportunity.

We have been around the academic circles for last 25 years

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Because we are commited to assist dreamers in achievieing their goals and build the passion which is needed while they fly through the skylanes

ShaShib Flying Academy have their Own Private Airport

Courses Curated For Excellence

Aircrafts at our Campus

Maximum Speed

120 MPH

Wing Loading

12.1 lb/sq.ft


100 hp at 2,700 rpm

Maximum Speed

135 mph

Wing Loading

14.1 lb/sq ft


160 BHP at 2400 rpm

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