Can I Become a Pilot ?

Jetting through the skylanes and experiencing the adrenaline rush, Can it get any better? To top it all , what if it becomes your profession? Certainly, Nothing better than this.

We at Sha Shib Flying Academy strives to instill confidence in you so that you can fly high and let your dreams shape the reality.

To prepare yourself to be able to take off, please go through the Educational requirement & fitness criteria and if you fit perfectly then why to wait. Get in touch with us and put your seat-belt on, we will take you where you are bound to land.

Educational Criteria

We respect your passion for flying and your interest in our training academy.

Just like any other professional training course we too have prerequisites

  • For private pilot training 10th or equivalent from recognized board is necessary
  • Commercial Pilot Training -12th (with physics and mathematics Or equivalent from recognized board or university (diploma holders)
  • AFIR-As per CPL and FIR-As per CPL With AFIR
  • Recency/conversion flying -10th for PPL and 12th (with physics and mathematics) Or equivalent from recognized board or university (diploma holders)

Fitness & health

Class 1 Medical

The following courses require medical 1 assessment from DGCA along with Relevant educational experience:

  1. Commercial Pilot License
  2. AFIR
  3. FIR

For Recency/Conversion flying one can have either of the class 1 medical or class 2 medical

Class 2 Medical

The following courses require medical 1 assessment from DGCA along with Relevant educational experience:

  1. Private Pilot License

For Recency/Conversion flying one can have class 2 medical

Study pilot training course in india

The civil aviation in India is growing at a rapid pace and is one among the top 10 aviation industry with market size of around $16 million. India is now on a mission to become the third-largest aviation market among the world. If you are looking for a career in the aviation industry, a commercial pilot job would be a fair idea.

In India, becoming a pilot is always seen as a high-profile occupation, thus training institutions are eager to form the finest applicants via training regimens. The candidate must complete training to develop the essential self-confidence, judgement, management, and hand-eye coordination abilities to become a pilot. Candidates who can effectively learn how to operate an aircraft's flying controls sufficiently to do it safely. A significant component of training to become a pilot is physical fitness. Even after receiving a license, one must continue to meet certain health and fitness requirements. Another essential attribute for becoming a pilot is discipline. One needs to exercise discipline if one wants to maintain their lifestyle, food, and other habits in order to remain physically and medically well. In general, becoming a pilot involves obtaining a certain level of education, passing various medical and physical tests, and completing flight training. If you want to become a pilot, you'll need to obtain a pilot's license, which can include a private pilot's license and a commercial pilot's license.

Students who have passed the 10th grade from any accredited board, institution, or comparable test are eligible to enroll in the 18-month Pilot Licence programme. Through the pertinent entrance exam and the following set of interviews, the commercial pilot qualification will be further assessed. They should have a strong sense of self-assurance, and be accountable, devoted, disciplined, on time, and patient. a commercial pilot A license enables the applicant to operate an aircraft as a pilot and receive remuneration. The applicant might work for the government or privately owned local or international airlines after receiving their CPL.