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Sha- Shib flying academy is one among the pioneer academic society which is a sub-unit of Sha-Shib group of institutions. Our academy in India offers a wide range of Aviation and pilot training courses.

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Total Passenger traffic 106.45 million in FY 2016 (till Oct), 12.47% growth from 2015. India’s Civil Aviation Industry aims to become 3rd largest in the world by 2020 and the largest by 2030. 30% of trade is undertaken via airways which are set to increase even more with the projected 5 times increase in freight traffic in the next decade.

With this growth trajectory, there stands the undeniable demand of the professionals who are firmly grounded in technical and behavioral knowledge, which is where Sha-Shib Flying Academy enters.

Our Mission

To attract great talents to aviation and make it easy for them to embrace it as a fetching career opportunity.

Our Vision

To become the biggest contributor in India in terms of providing qualified aviation professionals to meet the current and future industry demands.

What We Do

  • We focus on training the pilots and other services for the airline industry to be ethical and safe in our projects.
  • We provide aspiring pilot trainees with the help of various recent training aircraft and an environment in order to acquire the commercial pilot license, with international standards in accordance with regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Director-General of Civilian Aviation (DGCA), government India.
  • We use 'Talon Systems’ Education and Training Administration (ETA) web-based software. ETA is a robust training management system that keeps electronic training records, provides operational functionality, and management reports. The system allows Sha-Shib Flying Academyto focus on training and continually improve its training methods and processes.We are one of the best pilot training colleges in India.
  • We pick up dreamers and assist them to evolve into a career person they wanted to be through exceptional technical education.

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