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Information Centres

Guna Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9109999456

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Mumbai Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9471228681

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Pune Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9689888274

Languages Known: Hindi | English |Marathi

Guwahati Centre


Mobile No.:+91-8422927774

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Gurugram Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9205812274

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Bengaluru Centre


Mobile No.:+91-8210561006

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Bhubaneswar Centre

Jyoti Ranjan

Mobile No.:+91-7024240462

Languages Known: Odia | Hindi | English

Bhopal Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9109104394

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Kanpur Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9004032256

Languages Known: Hindi | English

Nagpur Centre


Mobile No.:+91-8655224567

Languages Known: Marathi | Hindi | English

Kochi Centre


Mobile No.:+91-9663623198

Languages Known: Malayalam | English

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Sha-shib Flying Academy

Guna Airport ,Guna ,Madhya Pradesh,
India 473001

Mobile No.:+91-9109999456 | +91-9589288844

Corporate Office

Parvalia Sadak, Near Parvalia Thana, NH-12,
Bhopal-Jaipur Road, Bhopal

Admission cell

General Enquiries:

Mobile No.: +91-9109999456

Sha-shib Flying Academy