Over a thousand pilots are now needed in several airports and carriers. The carriers are in discussions with manufacturing firms to purchase new aircraft as the business is expanding. Commercial pilots will have a plethora of novel employment prospects as a result of this. Additionally, since global air travel grows every day, there will be more options for employment overseas. You are therefore on the correct track to get the necessary abilities to launch your profession and lead the life of your dreams if you have the passion and appropriate skills to become a commercial pilot.

A commercial pilot license enables the applicant to operate an aircraft as a pilot and receive compensation. The applicant might work for the government or privately owned local or international airlines after receiving their CPL. The most satisfying position in the aviation sector is that of a commercial pilot. The applicant must pass each of the DGCA-required tests and have 200 hours of flight time in order to earn the license.

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) authorises the applicant to operate a private or non-commercial aircraft as the pilot-in-command. The PPL may be used for recreational or incidental flying. This license is appropriate for pilot enthusiasts or for those who fly their own aircraft. The applicant must pass every test required by the DGCA in addition to having 40 hours of flight time under their license.

Commercial Pilot Licence

Often considered as the next milestone of professional flying, this license prepares you to take responsibilities of the lives of numerous unknown passengers. Your knowledge and confidence should be absolute as they have put their trust on your flying skills. You don’t just get the license to earn along with indulging in your passion to fly (Domestic and International flights) but also you get an opportunity to make a mark on Indian Aviation Industry. Ready to recite the famous lines “This is your captain speaking, welcome on board !

Age 18 Years or above
Qualification 10+2 (Physics & Maths) or any equivalent degree
Written & Oral Exams
  • All DGCA 5 papers
  • FRTOL & RT License Exam
Flying Requirements Min. 200 hrs of Flying out of which PIC Flying Breakup
  • 100 hrs as PIC
  • 50 hrs X-Cty flying(more than 100Nm Radius) As PIC
  • 20 hrs Instrument Flying + 20 hrs simulator Training
  • 5 hrs Night Flying as PIC
  • Checks as prescribed by DGCA
Requirement at the time of application/issue
  • Valid class 1 & class II Medical
  • 250 Nm X-Cty U/S (1 Landing)
  • Day Check Min 45 minutes(local) first U/S then Solo 3C/L
  • Instrument Rating Check At controlled Airport (1 yr validity)
Security Clearence Local Police Verification
License SPL/PPL

Commercial Pilot Licence

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More About Commercial Pilot Licence

Generally, different types of commercial pilot certificates are issued for major segments of aircraft like aeroplanes, airships, balloons, glider, gyroplane and helicopter. This course provides students with a concrete foundation of theory related intelligence and flying training to enhance skills and knowledge of learners.

CPL course basically comes in two variants. CPL with IR and CPL with Multi-Engine and IR. We are training and guiding several aspirants of CPL into efficient pilots.

Private Pilot Licence

The licence is more like an initiation ritual for the youths with the dream to fly in the open sky. It opens up the window to too many opportunities; primarily among them is the ambitious plans like starting one’s own venture and become master of their own fleet. Getting this license also allows you to ditch the usual traffic when you become a proud owner of your pet metal bird to take you and your loved ones around the world in your safe hands. Time to open up your wings!

Age 17 Years of Age completion
Minimum Qualification Class 10th certificate
Medical Class II Medical is to be done by a DGCA approved medical examiner. The list of DGCA approved medical examiner is available on the following link
Ground Training
  • Composite (Air Regulaytion, Air Navigation, Aviation Mateorology)
  • Technical General (Aircraft and Engines)
  • Technical Specific
Flying Training 40 Hours of Flying as per DGCA Syllabus
Course Duration 4 Months
Security Clearence Local Police Verification
License SPL

Private Pilot Licence

Approximate cost for this course is:


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More About Private Pilot Licence

A private pilot license allows the user to function as a commanding pilot in an aircraft privately and not for remuneration. The private Pilot Training course is basically best for Aviation enthusiasts who own desire to fly an aircraft. It builds essential skills and knowledge which makes a student eligible to fly an aircraft.

The Private Pilot License training educational programs assemble the essential aptitude and learning to make a person qualified. We at Sha-Shib Flying Academy train students with utmost dedication and advanced technologies.

Our Tieups

We, at the Sha-Shib Flying Academy, Guna have always pioneered and adopted new technologies that help us to maintain pace with the changing world. Education is no longer confined to the boundaries of a classroom, so as a new step towards our vision of enhanced training standards, we have made tie-ups with Sha-Shib Flying Academy CAR 145 Organization in order to impart actual practical hands-on training to our students.

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